Agrião de Viamonte

Born: 05-23-2012

Breeder: Miguel Sabino, Portugal

Mozart is a wonderful personality. He is friendly and happy but he has also an amazing ability to relax in all situations. Regardless of where and with whom he is. He is a safe and secure boy with promising exterior. We have every reason to hope that he will be the addition to the kennel as we wish.

Mozart is co-owned by Jonna Philipson and lives in Norrköping!

Wheigt : 5,2 kg
Size:  27 cm
Health: Patella 0/0
Best In Show babypuppie SvVKs show in Enköping october-12
Reserve best dog with CC SKK Nat Norrköping june-13
BOB with CC SvVKs show in Tammsvik july-13
Reserve best dog with CC SKK Int Norrköping aug-13


PT CH Forcado de Viamonte 
PT CH Umbigo de Viamonte Peradoce
 Lixivia de Viamonte
Vitoria Do Vale Negro Jacaranda Do Vale Negro
Cigarrilha Da Lapa Do Lobo
Lovi Do Vale Do Cutileiro Soleiro Do Vale Do Cutileiro Nico Do Ouro Negro
Laranjeira Do Vale Do Cutileiro Neco