SE CH E Bonita do Vale Negro

Born: 02-01-2009

Breeder: Carla Molinari, Portugal

If I would describe our little Blenda in a few words, it would be enough to say, she is a “happy, funny and lovable little dog.” She has lots of energy, is almost always happy, loves people and is always full of pranks. She is also very strong minded and when she decides to go for something, she is incredibly stubborn. She is easily taught and flexible and I have her almost always free in the forrest. She is my constant companion, she always keeps contact with me on our walks and most of the time she lays at my feet at home.
Blenda is a dog with a strong charisma that leaves every one taken aback by her personality. We are just so incredibly happy, to have expanded the flock with this little girl!

Weight: 4,8 kg

Size: 27 cm


Patella 0/0

Eyes – OK March 2015

  prcdPRA – carrier 


BOB, CC, Cacib SKK Int Norrköping june-10

BOB, CC SvVK Tånga Hed june-10

BOB, CC, Cacib SKK Int Askersund aug-10

BOB, CC SKK nat Norrköping aug-10

Top Winning Podengo Portuques Cerdoso/Pequeno 2010!

BOS, CC, Cabib and SE CH SKK Int Vallentuna may-11

BOS SKK nat Österbybruk may-11

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