About us

My name is Henriette Folke, born -55, and have been owning and breeding dogs nearly all my life.

In spring 2009 a whirl wind came into our lives. A small wire-haired podengobitch straigh from the kennel Do Vale Negro in Portugal, “Blenda“.Since that day life has not been the same here at the kennel Liljeborg.Blenda took us by storm and has since then given us so much joy and happiness. Our first podengolitter was born here at the kennelin autumg 2011 and the podengo is the breed we are going to dedicate ourselves to from now. Will find the time to attend showsand also Lure Coursing wher the podengo can find an outlet for their natural instincts.

My dogs are family dogs, who take an active part in my daily life routines. A dog is happy only when in its flock. Favourite pastimes include long walks, running around in the woods, sleeping in a warm spot, preferably its owners lap, and eating.

Since the fall of 2011 I live in Sätra Brunn, a hamlet outside the town of Sala in Västmanland. A beautiful place with wonderful scenery with a well preserved spa just10 minutes away, together with it’s 100s of building dating from the 1700s.