About podengo

Podengo português pequeno cerdoso  

Podengo is a distant relative to the basenji and is known in Portugal since the 1100’s. They are used domestically for rabbit hunting in the villages. They are excellent rabbit hunters and hunt in the packs. Planned breeding is relatively new in their native country. The first standard was written in the 50’s. In the rest of the world podengo is still rare, but is increasing rapidly. In Sweden the breed is present, since end of the 90’s. They are available in two different coats, shorthair and rough-hair, and in three sizes. We have the small rough-haired variety.

The podengo is a very sturdy and healthy dog and at present, without any known genetic Illnesses. The rough-haired version looks almost like a small terrier, but the podengo is not a terrier. They compete in gr 5 and sort under the primitive dogs. The small podengo should weigh between 4-6 kg and measure from 20-30 cm in hight. The coat is very easily mended. They need only a combing regularly. The coat has no sub roll and they shed minimally.

They are very easily taught and are successful in both obedience and agility. They are also very good at Lure Coursing.

Podengo’s are stubborn, independent, lively, happy and alert dogs with plenty of enerigy. They like people and go well with other dogs.